Yes I was…

Yes I was emotionally abused and abandoned as a child.

Yes I was sexually abused by my Uncle when I was 5 years old.

Yes I was beaten by my father until I was black and blue and the wooden spoon he was using broke.

Yes I was fat shamed and bullied by my sister and my mother all of my life.

Yes I was called lazy, when I became sick and unable to do things they expected me to do.

Yes I was let down when I needed to be supported the most.

Yes my ex husband stalked me, harassed me and intimidated me for 10 years to a point where he almost broke me.

Yes I was cast aside by the Drs who had no idea how to help me and so I healed myself.

Yes I was told I would never fall pregnant and did it by becoming chemical free since 1990.

Yes I am anti vaccination and back in the 90’s was judged by my family who are now anti vaccination themselves.

Yes I am hyper sensitive and even when begging my mother to not use chemicals before my visits I was ignored.

Yes I was shunned as the black sheep of the family.

Yes I have been called a liar to prevent the truth coming out.

Yes my sister trawled my web page looking for things to call me a liar on to make herself feel superior.

Yes I reached out to my niece when I found out she was angry at me and was unsure why, and she rejected my offer of love and peace.

Yes my mother used lies to pretend she doesn’t get to see me enough.

Yes my family think things about me and say things about me that are not even the slightest bit true.

Yes I can only eat organic chicken and apples without feeling very sick and yes I get judged by my family for not being a vegan.

Yes I wanted to write all about the above in great detail so I could reach out to someone who might be feeling sad, alone, abandoned or depressed.

However, this is what I chose to do instead.

  • At my grandson’s first birthday party I walked up to my ex husband and hugged him and said I was sorry for any pain I caused him and he said sorry too.
  • I sent the others all a message, one of love and forgiveness, asking that they only speak about me in a truthful and positive manner and keep only loving thoughts of me in their mind at all times. I also thanked them for being in my life and how my soul loves their soul.
  • Some replied with love, some ignored me totally and that’s fine, it just shows they are not spiritually mature enough to understand, and I get that, because that is not mine to carry or deal with but theirs.

That is what I did and……….

Yes I am free!

And here my friends is the big ass full stop to the past 55 years of that part of my life.


Let the rest of my life commence with love and happiness.

Love always


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