The Cycle and The Kismet.

​His name was Nuno, I met him whilst working on a creative project online, he seemed kind and very keen to get to know me further. Nuno was one of my soul mates, no not in a romantic way, in a way where they teach big lessons.

I am very blessed to have a husband, my twin flame, who trusts me and loves me unconditionally, because I spent a lot of time with Nuno. We became close friends and he fell in love with me, in his mind. I however didn’t feel those same romantic feelings yet I couldn’t walk away from him. He was kind and supportive and put on a great act of being this kind loving supportive being in my life for over 2 years.

As I was not interested in a romantic relationship with him, what he did in his personal life was none of my business, however, he claimed he was in love with me and was faithful to that love, I didn’t feel this was true, so when I pressed him on some things I felt he was lying about, eventually he came clean about lying and having lovers etc, I simply told him I forgive him and we continued our friendship, as that was all it ever was to me, a friendship. I explained I didn’t love him like he wanted me to and how he professed he loved me, he said he was fine with that and wanted to remain in my life anyway. We stayed friends.

My husband, as amazing as he is isn’t perfect as none of us are and had trouble showing affection in ways I felt I needed, he showed his affection in many many other ways, ways most women would die for, he makes me breakfast in bed every morning, cooks and cleans for me, because he knows it makes me sick, supports my creativity, amongst many many other things, however being a victim of emotional and psychical abuse I had other needs that we just couldn’t seem to click into place.
This is where Nuno came in, he wanted to give me the affection I was craving from my husband, however I didn’t want that from anyone other than my husband.

One day Nuno showed me his true colours and pushed me to a limit where, once pushed I never return from and I stopped any further communication with him.

Two weeks later I woke up to my husband in tears, loving soulful tears, I asked him what was wrong, he explained he had just heard a song and he had an epiphany about the affection I had been asking from him, he explained that he now understood and from that day on he has shown me that one piece that was missing, the song is very meaningful to us both now and it was written by a man called….Nuno.

The universe is truly amazing.

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