This Too Shall Pass.

I am posting some old blogs I have written and kept as I was healing, over the last 5 years, this is one of them dated 13/2/2017

I have now healed all of this pain and I post this to maybe help with yours, and am always here if you need help.


I‘ve been through child sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse, degraded and disbelieved by family friends and doctor concerning my pain and illnesses, I’ve suffered heartache and pain, some which I never knew I had the strength to get through but now, looking at where I am in my life, two beautiful daughters and two amazing grandchildren, living a relaxed life with my soulmate and twin flame, whom I married and feel 100% loved unconditionally by, I have to think now, would I change any of that past, would I opt for a more loving mother, would I have changed whom I married when I was 18 would I have wanted to not go though all I have been through, if it meant that maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be where I am now?

Maybe my suffering would just be beginning or still happening then the answer is absolutely no I would not change a thing, because being abused helped me to find my voice and understand my inner voice as well, the places I used to go visit in my mind when I felt scared and alone, I now know those voices to be my spiritual guides and that place is my inner sanctuary and I chose those events to learn something’s that would help me to be a better person in this life time and in more to come.

So if you are going through pain or are trying to deal with past pain, then remember, this too shall pass and everything happens for a reason, even though we don’t always know or understand why – we will – one day .
With love

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