Stop the rot!

I made an Instagram account for the Path Beyond so I could share photos easily from my phone, I often have random thoughts and I write them down on my phone so this was an easy way for me to use them as some inspiration for others.

I gathered a few followers and as I scrolled and read the posts, all I saw was quotes after repeated quotes, I pondered. Who were these people, well one, half my age offered to help heal me…not sure of what. But I’m sure her costs would have been worth it..right…?

But then, this same clueless guru, a young lady in her early 20’s, who was now a proclaimed “Master” who has clearly found her path to enlightenment at such a tender age, through selfies of her “smile” that she told everyone press like and type “yes” in her comments, if you thought she had a nice smile, posted yet another selfie and I realised that so many people step onto their path, walk it for a day or ten, then figure that’s all there is to it, they are enlightened and can go on to heal and teach others with selfies and photos of fresh fruit, oh because you must be a vegan too, this month.

I saw the same quotes posted, the same photos of how happy these people were living in what I call a life illusion, one where you post all your happiness all over social media platforms, because you are happy, right? Well not always, they want you to believe they are, so they can then suggest you purchase their E-book, or services. Then when the facade comes off, they have bad days, just like you and me, they feel sick when they get the flu, they visit the Dr for anxiety or depression, or their failed marriage, which is all hidden behind photos of them smiling with their latest plate of fresh food.

So here we are faced with people who feel inadequate, because they don’t get to go out to dinner with their husband all the time, or they are not arranging fruit into wonderfully colourful platters, or smiling for the camera with full make up and hair done every day. Well guess what? Neither are these Clueless Gurus, once their day ends or the weekend comes you better believe that they are sobbing into a bag of popcorn whilst they watch a romcom, wishing the man of their dreams would call back, instead of being at the pub with the boys and all that week of eating fruit now has them on the toilet so Pizza and Chocolate it is for dinner for them tonight.

No one is perfect, never aim to be, because once you are perfect, you will be very lonely on your way out of here, because once your lessons are learned, baby its time to go back………………So enjoy all the good and the bad and please walk your path, speak your truth, do as you preach and stop the social media rot.

I wonder how many people who share, like, and comment on how amazing a certain raw food page is, actually knows it is run by a car yard, you know, for the money, from the E-books they then feel obliged to buy, so they can also obtain this Nirvana, these Clueless Gurus claim to have found.

Liking or replying yes to a post on social media doesn’t make you an enlightened being, it makes you a sheep.

Bahh humbug?

Needless to say I found an alternative way to post my inspiration and my Instagram is no longer.

Love always


PS:  I have no judgement on vegans or even car yards. ?

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