Just because you cant see the wind….

“Just because you cant see the wind, doesn’t mean it does not exist”
Aurora T

I have been asked what the meaning is behind this quote and here is the answer..

I felt it covered everything I do and I believe in, Mind, Body and Soul.

Mind: I believe that what we think we attract, so even though we can’t see the energetic level these thoughts vibrate on, sooner or later you will know it, as you will attract those things into your life.

Body: As I suffer from illness’ that can’t be seen as such, like a broken leg can be seen when it is plastered, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. I have learnt to never judge people unless I know the facts and this has come about from being judged myself when I have needed to wear sunglasses in a bright shopping center for example as I have had a raging migraine and no one to go to the shops for me, and countless times people have said to me “you don’t look sick”

Soul: I can get information from the other side, and I feel things about people, why? I don’t know, I see it as a gift and I use it wisely, however I can’t see it, but it does exist.

And that is where the quote comes from, I use it, I believe in it and I love it!
Aurora T


  1. Stella Ware

    I totally understand the above quote, I too have the same beliefs, the same illness and the same gift, wow how come we have not met before lol.

    Love and Light
    Stella <3

    • Aurora

      Hello Stella, Thank you for your lovely comments, it is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you further.

      Aurora xx

  2. Sue

    I have said this exact quote for years to many. I cannot believe that I just saw your quote. I read your post. All I can say, is EXACTLY! and Hello Soul Sister! <3

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