I’m shaving my head for a good cause!

I am trying to raise money for my lovely friend and a gorgeous soul Kylie Barber, Kylie is fighting a very brave battle with cancer and I would like you all to sponser me, if I get $1000 for her I will shave my head, if it’s less I will dye it the colour she chooses! PM me for details if you would like to help. As I don’t believe in paying bosses to run charities this money will go to Kylie to decide how it will best help her fight xx

This is how she described it to me…

Hi Aurora I have Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, it is a aggressive Lymphoma that went straight to my bones and when I was diagnosed in August, it had caused my Verterbrae to fracture as my bone marrow had started to come out. It is in my L1,L3 and L5 of my Verterbrae and it is also in my pelvis, the tops of my legs and in my ribs. It was diagnosed because of terrible back pain I was getting since February last year and I was still playing netball three times a week and was very fit, they did not diagnosis for six months, because it didn’t show in the Xray’s or the CT Scan, it was only when I had the MRI done, that it was found.

For more information please visit www.shaveforkylie.weebly.com

Much Love
Aurora xx


  1. Aurora

    Thank you Malaika,

    I raised $150 and dyed my hair green, Kylie’s choice.

    The money went to a special surprise, I’ll post it later when she’s received it.

    Thank you for your support xx

  2. Cameron


    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



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