I love you!

My blogs are raw and come from my heart and soul, some who read them may identify with things I have said and some are mentioned in those ramblings from my soul.

When I wrote this blog I included a tough to write, but deep pain of being hurt by one of my sisters who abandoned me in a time of need and how I have forgiven her.

Within a few moments of posting the blog she messaged and and said she saw what I had written about her and instead of the vitriolic “what did I do? How dare you say those things about me! I have always been there for you” etc etc, she apologised if she had ever let me down, how proud of me she was and the strength it takes to tell my story and that she too is on her own path of learning. And you know what? Her reaction was one of love and I admired it so much and I told her so.

This was all I wanted from her, the understanding that I felt …that it was how I felt. And that she was sorry.

I am so proud of her reply and it made up for any wrong doings in the past.

I am proud too that she is now walking her own path beyond.

I love you my sister.

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