2 Years on………

Has it really been 2 years since I posted a blog? My, how time flies, when having fun, being busy and now, whilst in isolation.

So I have gone back through my phone and looked at all my musings that I tend to just type out and let them sit there while they marinade in my psyche.

You see the past 2 years have been, well interesting maybe? I have had a massive influx of customers and its been an absolute pleasure to help them, my daughter has been studying, being a single mum and graduating her Law Diploma and Business Studies. My other daughter has been raising her family and running her own business and now is nurturing and growing her second child.

My husband and I have been travelling overseas, with some of our journeys having life changing effects on me and I have been releasing and cleansing a lot of my old wounds and past hurt and now……………..

Its all stopped, the world is in crisis mode, we are in isolation, people are getting sick and some are dying. Its not a nice time…however lets stop and breath for a moment, lets see what this is teaching us, the universe is trying to show us something. What is that something for you?

For me its been about self love, how to stop and look after myself, which is something I find hard to do, being an empath I am always looking after everyone else. But at 57 and with some underlying health issues, I have to be self loving right now and stay home and do my part to “stop the curve” as they call it.

Do I think that this is a load of over reacting? Possibly but if staying home helps to save a life, then I am all for it!

Another lesson is being presented to me very strongly and that is my own personal direction with my own work and my boundaries around that, for a time before the Covid-19 I asked my clients to please have a Skype reading instead of one on one, some were happy to do that and some were less happy and so continued to ask for face to face readings. I wasn’t sure why I had this feeling that having people in my home just wasn’t feeling right for me but now I am fully aware as to why.

So in closing I hope you are all safe and well and doing all you can to stay calm and happy and supportive of those around you, practice kindness always, and in the months to come I will post some of those previously mentioned musings.

Love always


Rock on!

Rock ON!

In the next year I will be adding podcasts in a series of different topics, but this is one, I just felt some people needed to hear right now.

Podcast 1 – 2018

Hugs and Love Always


And I was reborn

Original October 20th 2017

This is my last post about my own personal healing, even though I will continue to heal and grow and challenges will come my way, I will share those as needed, the past is now where it should be, behind me.


Slowly I rose from the warm bath water feeling energised, relieved and happy, I connected with my spirit guides, my higher self and I had been reborn. The meditation was intense, I had my old Aura removed, I felt my heart stop and begin again and I was given a prayer and new golden Aura and I was told that I needed to let go of all of my past if I wanted to move on, so I did.

However I wanted to share it with you so that you can understand the process I went through and hopefully will help you to receive your shiny new Golden Aura. It protects you and makes you feel brand new.


And I was reborn

With my shiny new golden Aura!

My shaming, abusive, belittling, destructive past was gone. In a meditation I feel was the first one way too personal to share, I was reborn.

Fluffs out my new Aura

Let life begin!

Think Love ❣

The energy you vibrate will be how your aura resonates and what your physical body creates, so don’t let anyone speak negative to you, about you or around you, think love, vibrate love, resonate love, create love for yourself and your body. Then everyone else has no option but to feel the resonance and join in the song.

Love always


Yes I was…

Yes I was emotionally abused and abandoned as a child.

Yes I was sexually abused by my Uncle when I was 5 years old.

Yes I was beaten by my father until I was black and blue and the wooden spoon he was using broke.

Yes I was fat shamed and bullied by my sister and my mother all of my life.

Yes I was called lazy, when I became sick and unable to do things they expected me to do.

Yes I was let down when I needed to be supported the most.

Yes my ex husband stalked me, harassed me and intimidated me for 10 years to a point where he almost broke me.

Yes I was cast aside by the Drs who had no idea how to help me and so I healed myself.

Yes I was told I would never fall pregnant and did it by becoming chemical free since 1990.

Yes I am anti vaccination and back in the 90’s was judged by my family who are now anti vaccination themselves.

Yes I am hyper sensitive and even when begging my mother to not use chemicals before my visits I was ignored.

Yes I was shunned as the black sheep of the family.

Yes I have been called a liar to prevent the truth coming out.

Yes my sister trawled my web page looking for things to call me a liar on to make herself feel superior.

Yes I reached out to my niece when I found out she was angry at me and was unsure why, and she rejected my offer of love and peace.

Yes my mother used lies to pretend she doesn’t get to see me enough.

Yes my family think things about me and say things about me that are not even the slightest bit true.

Yes I can only eat organic chicken and apples without feeling very sick and yes I get judged by my family for not being a vegan.

Yes I wanted to write all about the above in great detail so I could reach out to someone who might be feeling sad, alone, abandoned or depressed.

However, this is what I chose to do instead.

  • At my grandson’s first birthday party I walked up to my ex husband and hugged him and said I was sorry for any pain I caused him and he said sorry too.
  • I sent the others all a message, one of love and forgiveness, asking that they only speak about me in a truthful and positive manner and keep only loving thoughts of me in their mind at all times. I also thanked them for being in my life and how my soul loves their soul.
  • Some replied with love, some ignored me totally and that’s fine, it just shows they are not spiritually mature enough to understand, and I get that, because that is not mine to carry or deal with but theirs.

That is what I did and……….

Yes I am free!

And here my friends is the big ass full stop to the past 55 years of that part of my life.


Let the rest of my life commence with love and happiness.

Love always


Have you found your BoushBah?

Who are you?

 Who do you think you are?
I mean really, truly, deep down who are you, what are your good attributes, your weaknesses or flaws that make you you?
I don’t mean the person your parents or caregivers told you you are or are not, what you are or not worthy of being or having but your BoushBah your internal blueprint that makes up everything that new born baby had when they entered the world.
Because that is the true you, the authentic you, the one people are drawn to and admire and gosh it’s hard to rediscover who that person is, especially if you have lived a life of abuse or degradation, put downs and “put up withs”
But it’s important to go and discover your BoushBah and here is where you begin to discover who you really are.
I meet people everyday who think they are stupid, ugly, fat, worthless and so many things that people have told them they are. Sometimes it’s to their face and sometimes it’s through actions or gossip.
If you are told these negative things long enough, you believe that’s who you really are, trust me, I did. I was shamed all my life, shamed as a liar, so people wouldn’t believe me if I ever spilt the beans that I was being sexually abused as a child, fat shamed constantly even though I actually wasn’t even fat. My mother’s favorite come back to have my sister say to me when we fought as young siblings was “tell her I’d rather be skinny and healthy than fat and unhealthy like you” I was only about 9 and not fat nor unhealthy, but you know what? I became both of those things, because I had to listen to it constantly.
I believed I was a liar and a horrible person, attracting to me others who would go on to believe those things about me and reinforce them into my own psyche, empowered by the belief that it must be true, everyone thinks so. Have you ever heard the saying “if you are being treated badly by everyone then there’s a common factor here – YOU”?
Well forget that load of bullshit because the truth is you are amazing and wonderful, no matter what you look like, what you have been through or who has hurt, it is them who is the common factor and their factor is their own insecurities. You see, people have to put you down to make themselves feel better about their own pain.
So shoo off the moths that hover around your flame trying so hard to flap their wings and snuff the light out, let them be free to go and find themselves and work out their own issues and find your Boushbah. That eternal light that can never be extinguished no matter how hard anyone tries. That is, once you are strong enough to believe it yourself!
Love always
Aurora –  Rocking my BoushBah

I am sorry and I hope you are too….

Today I confronted my demons, well one major one, my ex husband, my husband and I had flown interstate to be with our grandson for his first birthday to see my daughter and her partner and have a lovely visit, my other daughter and granddaughter came along as well and it was lovely to catch up and do fun things, at the end of that week there was a birthday party for our grandson, where, inevitably I would have to see my ex husband and all those emotions would come flooding back, ones of a loveless hopeless, marriage, his passive aggressive behavior and his snarly sideways looks he would give me. Ten years of stalking me and it filled me with dread.

I battled for months before we left, how I would face this man again, be in the same room with him and remain composed, to a point where I was making myself sick.

When we arrived we were greeted and as he walked past me I took hold of his arm and pulled him to one side. I said “it’s been a long time since we broke up”, “20 years he replied”, I said “I just want to put it all behind us and say sorry, and I hope you are sorry too” I then reached up and wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug, he said sorry as well and although tension still was a little thick, I made an effort during the day to go up to him again and ask how his elderly mother was doing as she wasn’t able to make it to the party and waved goodbye as we left.

I released those demons on that day and in my mind that old wound is now healed and I am glad and I feel free from it.

Isn’t forgiveness wonderful?

Watch Your Vibration.

The energy you vibrate will be how your aura resonates and what your physical body creates, so don’t let anyone speak negative to you, about you or around you, think love, vibrate love, resonate love, create love for yourself and your body. Then everyone else has no option but to feel the resonance and join in the song.

Love always