Bonkers I tell you!

I am posting some old blogs I have written and kept as I was healing, over the last 5 years, this is one of them dated 28/9/2016

I have now healed all of this pain and I post this to maybe help with yours, and am always here if you need help.



I’ve never really fancied visiting the UK, the cold puts me off, I think I’d die it the temperature dropped below 14 degrees celcius, however when I met my husband who lived in the UK at the time, I felt a new found excitement to visit places he grew up and as I became closer to his family and especially his mother I hoped that I would find with in her the love I never really got from my own mother.

So my feelings of nurturing this relationship with the UK and his family became exciting, then things changed, drastically, his family shunned me, halted all normal communication, becoming accusatory and seeing me as some sort of enemy, little did they know that my excitement to embrace a new family led me to encourage my husband to keep up constant communication and I would take photos of our time together to share with them and send flowers to his mother at random times so she knew she was special to us.  All of it met with this underlying feeling of being some outsider who had stolen their son from them.

It took me a while to accept this and get over it. Oddly they have now accepted fully and wholeheartedly a convicted felon into their loving embrace, one who has assaulted and beaten past partners and police officers, this woman is now due to marry into the family and plans are in place to make room in their home to accommodate her to live there, I’ve never met her so I won’t pass judgment however now I can peacefully put aside any worry that their shunning of me was any of my own wrong doing and that they are simply stark raving bonkers!

Smiles and love



  1. BestEloisa

    Thank you for sharing such an emotional journey Aurora, I don’t have PCOS but my daughter does and she found this very helpful.

    • Aurora

      Thank you for your message BestEloisa, its my pleasure and I hope my story can help your daughter somehow 🙂

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