And I was reborn

Original October 20th 2017

This is my last post about my own personal healing, even though I will continue to heal and grow and challenges will come my way, I will share those as needed, the past is now where it should be, behind me.


Slowly I rose from the warm bath water feeling energised, relieved and happy, I connected with my spirit guides, my higher self and I had been reborn. The meditation was intense, I had my old Aura removed, I felt my heart stop and begin again and I was given a prayer and new golden Aura and I was told that I needed to let go of all of my past if I wanted to move on, so I did.

However I wanted to share it with you so that you can understand the process I went through and hopefully will help you to receive your shiny new Golden Aura. It protects you and makes you feel brand new.


And I was reborn

With my shiny new golden Aura!

My shaming, abusive, belittling, destructive past was gone. In a meditation I feel was the first one way too personal to share, I was reborn.

Fluffs out my new Aura

Let life begin!

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