A Valentine’s Gift

My wife, Aurora. I know this blog is her domain, her mechanism for expression and sharing, but I also know that she would not mind me expressing my own feelings here, especially as they are (hopefully) relevant.

Aurora has a gift. It is a gift that is very rare. It is a gift that gives her great joy but can also result in great stress, which in turn contributes to her illnesses. It is a gift that gives her great insight, compounding her natural intuition. It is a gift that allows her to see, listen, teach and communicate on a level not shared by anyone I have ever known.

This gift can be labelled as empathic and/or psychic ability but I know it only as love. Pure love, in fact. A love that is not specific, selfish, needy or greedy, but that is just given, unconditionally. Those close to her, myself included, often take it for granted, get used to it being ever present, but rarely acknowledge it.

My gift to you, my beautiful wife on this Valentine’s Day, is simply acknowledgement of your gift, which touches and affects me and everyone you come into contact with, on every day of every year.

I love you.

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  1. Aurora

    This was sitting in my drafts on Valentines morning, the words not only touched my heart, but deep inside my soul, my husband is the only man who has shown me true unconditional love.

    To have him believe in me and my gift means so much to me and for all that he is I am every so thankful that he chose to be in my life.

    I love you Mr D


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