2 Years on………

Has it really been 2 years since I posted a blog? My, how time flies, when having fun, being busy and now, whilst in isolation.

So I have gone back through my phone and looked at all my musings that I tend to just type out and let them sit there while they marinade in my psyche.

You see the past 2 years have been, well interesting maybe? I have had a massive influx of customers and its been an absolute pleasure to help them, my daughter has been studying, being a single mum and graduating her Law Diploma and Business Studies. My other daughter has been raising her family and running her own business and now is nurturing and growing her second child.

My husband and I have been travelling overseas, with some of our journeys having life changing effects on me and I have been releasing and cleansing a lot of my old wounds and past hurt and now……………..

Its all stopped, the world is in crisis mode, we are in isolation, people are getting sick and some are dying. Its not a nice time…however lets stop and breath for a moment, lets see what this is teaching us, the universe is trying to show us something. What is that something for you?

For me its been about self love, how to stop and look after myself, which is something I find hard to do, being an empath I am always looking after everyone else. But at 57 and with some underlying health issues, I have to be self loving right now and stay home and do my part to “stop the curve” as they call it.

Do I think that this is a load of over reacting? Possibly but if staying home helps to save a life, then I am all for it!

Another lesson is being presented to me very strongly and that is my own personal direction with my own work and my boundaries around that, for a time before the Covid-19 I asked my clients to please have a Skype reading instead of one on one, some were happy to do that and some were less happy and so continued to ask for face to face readings. I wasn’t sure why I had this feeling that having people in my home just wasn’t feeling right for me but now I am fully aware as to why.

So in closing I hope you are all safe and well and doing all you can to stay calm and happy and supportive of those around you, practice kindness always, and in the months to come I will post some of those previously mentioned musings.

Love always


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