Welcome to The Path Beyond

We all have times when we need help and guidance about a certain issue, situation or problem that presently surrounds you. You may fear the future or the past or maybe you feel like you need some guidance or direction on your own spiritual path or unlocking your own inner abilities in a safe and comforting manner.

 With over 30 years’ experience as a Psychic & Spirit Medium, Intuitive Consultant & Healing Master,
my connection to your own higher self and loved ones set free is a gift I cherish and embrace.   My vision is to provide you with connection and answers along with the guidance and inspiration needed to heal and nurture, to encourage and embrace your true self.

Do you need help with –

  • Clarity with life choices
  • Clear concise intuitive guidance
  • Connection to your higher self & your personal Spirit Guides
  • Messages from loved ones passed over
  • Discovering the connection to long term illness
  • Relationship problems that keep occurring
  • Grief or loss that you are trying to work through
  • Understanding your own spiritual path
  • Emotional issues that you can’t seem to resolve
  • Past life attachments

I am here to support you to gain greater clarity with choices you need to make, connect with loved ones and in your journey of healing and wellness. With my help and guidance I hope you find the support you need to encourage you, enlighten you and guide you on your path to unlock your own gateway to inner harmony.