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I am actually due on the 10th of July! - your baby vibe is correct!
Lisa, Perth, WA
Aurora has helped me to heal my past and release my fears for the future
Maxine, ACT
Thanks Aurora, you've answered all my questions. I really appreciate all the readings you have  done for me
Jess, Brisbane
You were spot on with my reading the other day
Kaz, Norfolk, UK
I just wanted to thank you for the lovely healing you gave me yesterday the energy sure was  powerful!
Sonia, New Jersey
Thank you Aurora, I will keep you updated!!!
Alex McCord - RHoNY
Warm, caring and sensitive - FANTASTIC!!!!
Lisa, Perth, WA
A wonderful detailed reading given with love
Jo, Auckland, NZ
Here is just a selection of comments from my wonderful clients, used with their permission.
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