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Connecting to your Spirit Guide is one of my favourite readings to do, the messages are clear and always very interesting, empowering and highly enlightening.
A Spirit Guide is a non physical entity that is usually seen as the Higher Self, an angel, a highly evolved being or group of Higher Beings, their main purpose is to help protect the individual, assist in spiritual development, or even provide a source of inspiration.
I have found that every individual has one or more Spirit Guides from birth and they remain with them throughout their life and their future endeavours, and at the end of the life, they assist the soul in the crossover period. There are also some Guides that are assigned to your life for a certain period to help you get through it, and once that assignment is over, they move on to the next person.
Most people also have what I call a Higher Energy Healing Team, which I can help you discover with a reading and healing, it is very very powerful.
Just as you are a spiritual being in a physical body, Guides are spiritual beings who do not have bodies at this time, but they have probably had physical bodies before and might possibly have again.
Spirit Guides give us their “undying” attention. They are there for us without judgment. They know what is best for us, and they serve to heal and guide us. They understand what our Soul’s destiny is, and assist us in remembering that path.
Spirit Guides give you intuitive nudges, communicate through feelings, and give you gentle direction towards things that will serve you better. However they will never interfere in your free will. They are without judgment, yet they do focus on what your Soul’s best interests are.
Your Spirit Guide watches over you and offers guidance and support on your spiritual journey, even if you're not aware of it. A Spirit Guide is a wise and compassionate evolved being who has agreed to support your spiritual evolution. Spirit Guides respect you and your right to choose your own path.
While Spirit Guides are always there for us, few people make the time to become aware of their presence. Having a reading to connect to them is an opportunity to begin opening up your awareness.
The spirit world is an amazing and mysterious place which we all may wish to unravel; having a Spirit Guide reading is the first step on this path.
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