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Emotional Clearing allows suppressed negative emotions to be bought up to the subconscious, leading to a natural clearing of these suppressed conditions that otherwise can influence our lives. Frequently dis-ease in the body can be traced directly back to a traumatic emotional experience in a person's past.
These emotional traumas can weaken the immune system just like negative emotions can cause anxiety.
Sometimes we hold onto emotional energy attached to others or a situation and this can make us feel heavy and overloaded - sooner or later these emotions will manifest into dis-ease on many layers in  the body.
Those layers are kept repressed and sealed in our emotional body until they are released to come to the surface (triggered into action) through the conflicts that come our way. At that point we become conscious of them.
Emotional clearing is when we peel off the layers of these emotional blocks, transmuting dense energies of anger, shame, and guilt contained in each layer into compassion.
I use many different techniques for this clearing including:
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
MAP (Medical Assistance Program)
Creative Visualisation
It needn't be an overly emotional experience and my aim is to bring the awareness of the underlying issue and the resolution to the surface in a calming, peaceful and clearing way.
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