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If you like the earthy tones of a drum, coupled with the deep trance like meditation, a drum healing can take you on a journey inwards and beyond, as the sound of a drum helps you to take notice of your own heartbeat.
When I began doing drum healings, it came very naturally to me - I picked up the drum and started to use it and within moments I was connected to my Indian Spirit Guide who helps me during these sessions.
The vibrations from the drum have a deep, transformative effect on the body. It is safe, non invasive and  everyone can benefit from 'tuning in' to the tones and energy of the healing drum.
The healing is both uplifting and relaxing and a most empowering way to allow your spirit to go off on a journey and return with the answers you seek.
The only thing I can say about my drum healings is you have to try it to appreciate it.
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