The Path Beyond - "Just because you can't see the wind doesn't mean it does not exist", Aurora T
Energy healing can be accomplished at a distance. As an energy healer I can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively whether the person is in the same room or across the world.
How does distance healing work? Distance healing is  a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life without leaving the comfort of your home. Its power as a remote energy  healing technique is equal to that of  a hands-on energy healing treatment. Whether your problems are acute or chronic, this energetic healing approach is safe and effective.
After a distance healing session, you will feel fantastic. Your emotional stresses will be clearing. Your negative emotions will be neutralized. Your meridians will be opened so that energy flows beautifully throughout your body.  Your mental conflicts will begin to dissolve, not only de-stressed, but relaxed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Modalities used in Distant Healing include Reiki, crystal therapy and MAP, using my own "Unique Technique".
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