The Path Beyond - "Just because you can't see the wind doesn't mean it does not exist", Aurora T
Barefoot Basics 15 Question Interview Series, May 2011, interviewed by Rochelle Stone.
1.    Who?

       Aurora T
2.    What?

       I am an intuitive healer, medium, and metaphysical teacher, Spiritual Events Co-ordinator 
       and Mum.
3.    Where?

       I live and work on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, but my services take me
       all around the world and I use the internet to assist with this.
4.    What book changed your life?

       I don’t think any one book has individually changed my life, but my dad being an avid
       spiritual adventurer passed on many books - the one that impacted me the most is
       entitled “Secrets about Life Every Woman Should Know…Ten Principles For Spiritual and
       Emotional Fulfilment”, by Barbara De Angelis. It is a very enlightening book which
       resonated well with me and I got a lot from it.
5.    What would be your favourite travel destination?

       The Greek Isles because I love the energetic flow of the colours from the buildings
       blending with the glorious colours of the ocean and the food and wine is amazing, along
       with the hospitality of the local people.
6.    Tell us a bit about you and your background

       I’m a mother of two teenage daughters who was told that due to my Polycystic Ovarian
       Syndrome (
PCOS) I would never have children and who coped bringing them up as a
       single mother with Fibromyalgia (
FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), helping me
       to begin my Spiritual journey around 15 years ago in an effort to heal my body and
       connect with my inner spirit. I now work on bringing this awareness to others, drawing
       on my own experiences, understanding the pain my clients are in and also being aware of
       their own personal limitations, which is extremely important when working with people
       with chronic pain.
7.    What inspired you to start your own business?

       I have always been a free thinker and have never really conformed to others’ belief
       systems, so it made sense to do it on my own. I needed to be able to be free to express
       my spirituality and the healing techniques that I discovered in my own way and to the
       people that I felt needed my help.
8.    What difference has being in business for yourself made in your life?

       Owning and running my own business is very rewarding on many levels, it has given me
       the freedom to reach people I would never have met here in Australia and around the
       world, and help them to heal themselves. It has been rewarding in the way I can work it
       around my illness and stop when I need to. Being a single mother it also helped me to
       raise my daughters in a way I wouldn’t have been able to. It also gives me the freedom
       of expression and creativity to develop my own web page and other media resources,
       which I love.
9.    What have been your biggest turning points in life and how did you manage these
       moments so that they shaped you rather than break you?

       My biggest turning point was leaving my marriage with two young children and starting a
       new beginning, my path to healing - it was very hard and at times it did feel as though it
       would break me but it only made me stronger, I was extremely unwell from the stress
       and could have gone under, but I chose to be strong for myself and my girls and those
       who needed my help, this strength is what I like to impart onto my clients and to give
       them the knowledge that everything they need to heal them is inside themselves. It was
       a long and enlightening journey.

       The second biggest turning point was moving forward after the loss of my father to
       cancer who was, is and continues to be my spiritual inspiration and guide, inspiring me to
       develop my new venture The Path Beyond.
10.  What is your greatest piece of advice that you would give others in business?

       Be yourself! You can’t carry off anything else for too long.
11.  What have you found to be the most effective way to promote your business?

       In my own personal experience, I have found that word of mouth from others who have
       interacted with you and dealt with you is the best way to gain new clients. Apart from
       that, I find the internet helps me to connect with people in different parts of the world, so
       I use it to its full advantage.
12.  What has been your greatest success to date in life and business?

       Achieving two successful pregnancies with PCOS. Meeting the man I am about to marry
       who has also been by my side and supported me in the building of my new project
       The Path Beyond.
13.  What one piece of advice would you share with your younger self?

       Listen to that inner voice it will never lead you astray and always look after number one!
14.  You have created the opportunity to be the catalyst of positive change in the life of
       others, what change has this inspired within you as a person?

       I have always been an extremely empathic person and have never judged anyone for the
       choices they have made and I hope my awareness can help others to think before judging.
15.  Lastly, what’s next?

       I am in the process of building a new web page to be able to enhance the ability to bring
       my services to people all around the world, I am currently working on new formats to
       be able to bring my teaching online in an interactive way, as well as my readings and
       healings. This is very exciting and I love the creative flair I am discovering inside me.
Thanks to Rochelle Stone of Barefoot Basics for the opportunity to share my story.
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