The Path Beyond - "Just because you can't see the wind doesn't mean it does not exist", Aurora T
Unlock the gateway to inner harmony through Psychic Connection, Spiritual Development and Emotional Clearing.
I believe we can all heal ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally, given the right information and support.
At The Path Beyond my vision is to provide individuals with ongoing motivation and guidance.  We have  all  been born with different genetic strengths and weaknesses, and we all have different states of vitality and recuperative capabilities. This must always be taken  into consideration when working on healing as we are all different and need to work at a pace which is right for us.
Do you have....
    o  A stubborn chronic problem or illness that just won't go away?
    o  Relationship problems that keep reoccurring?
    o  Grief or loss that you are trying to work through?
    o  Emotional issues that you can't seem to resolve?
    o  Misguided energies attached to you or your home?
If so, then I can help!
I am here to support you in your journey of healing and wellness. With my help and guidance, I hope you find the support you need  to encourage you, enlighten you and guide you on your  path to unlock  your own gateway to inner harmony.
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Spirit Guide Readings
Incorporating local and remote intuitive and psychic readings, tarot, spiritual connection and communication.
Explore energy healing, chakras, crystal healing, Reiki, meridians, human energy field, plus much more.

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